Fountainhead Montessori

Danville ● Dublin ● Livermore ● Orinda ● Pleasant Hill

Fountainhead Montessori School (FMS) is dedicated to the education of children in an environment designed to stimulate and develop the child’s joy of learning. The child learns to choose from a wide variety of academic, cultural, artistic, and self-care activities.

The Montessori philosophy leads to the development of a child’s strong sense of self-esteem, dignity, independence, self-direction, and awareness of the community. Social and emotional development is fostered in a nurturing atmosphere.

Fountainhead is a non-profit company that has been serving children since 1972 and offers flexible programs for children ages 18 months to 6 years, depending on location. Teachers are Montessori credentialed and many have years of early childhood experience.

Flexible Schedules

FMS offers highly flexible schedules. Children can attend any days as long as they go to class 2 or more days per week. However, we highly encourage a 3 day a week program as it allows for more structure for the child and a cohesive learning environment.

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