Applegarden Montessori School

Located in Montclair, Applegarden has been providing a high quality Montessori education for preschool children for 29 years.

Our unique afternoon program is especially popular with parents who want to spend time with their children during the mornings and give them a special afternoon experience with other children.

The class hours from 1:30 to 4:30 can be extended from as early as 1 p.m. to as late as 6, allowing a working parent a little more time and your child a lovely play date with friends after the school session.

Our preschool and extended-day programs offer personal, prepared environments for the child. Here freedom of self-expression and exploration lead to learning experiences that develop in harmony with the child’s own tendencies toward growth, independence, creativity, self-discipline, and social as well as inner awareness. You will enjoy our intimate setting in a cozy house, our small class size and excellent student/teacher ratio (22 children with 3 teachers) in a beautiful garden setting. Special art, music and Spanish instruction enrich our already extensive Montessori curriculum.

If interested, call us at 510-339-9666 or visit our website at:

You may also attend our open house events, see our website for dates.
No appointment is necessary and children are welcome.

Applegarden is located at 5667 Thornhill Dr. in Oakland.

A location map is available on our website,

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