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July 2015 Newsletter

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June 2015 Newsletter

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May 2015 Newsletter

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The Mountain Lion Story

At the midpoint of the trail on my regular walk at Lafayette Reservoir is a wide path that goes around a bend after about 50 yards. Sam and I decided that since Isaac was with Kathy and Ras Mo, we would go on a hike instead of doing a double lap. We see a guy go in this trail a couple of minutes before us and decide to try it.…

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Parenting Under the Influence

  .seven. My life changing events appear to occur concurrently– colliding, knocking the wind out of me, leaving me struggling to regain my breath, my balance, a sense of normalcy. It was newly 2008. We moved into a fixer upper in Oakland, what felt like a million miles away from my life in San Francisco. Though I’d grown up less than thirty miles from my new home, I may as well have moved to the Arctic. I spent 2008 like a tennis ball in a high paced match–batted back and forth with an ever growing list of must-repairs and must-gets. Our son broke his collar bone (on my watch) early in the summer, rolling off of our ottoman in an effort to avoid a diaper change and landing “just so.” My grandmother, one…

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April Newsletter

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Raw Parenting

Playground Politics Recently, my oldest experienced some teasing at school–nothing like what I would consider brutal–stories you read about on the web or hear about in the news. I think back to my own childhood though, and I tense at how painful these first experiences are. When did playground politics start? My first real memories of teasing and feeling like an outsider were about third grade. It makes sense when I think about how some of us girls had already started developing and the internalized-shame that went along with that. The opinion of my classmates and friends meant a lot. I wanted to be liked, I wanted to fit in and when one or both of those things weren’t happening, well, let’s just say that I spent quite a lot…

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